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JBS Haldane Personal Papers

This file contains personal papers possibly compiled by JBS Haldane. It includes a notebook, handwritten drafts of his last will and testament, and notes on his surgical history, along with correspondences. These drafts were written by JBS Haldane in November 1962, when he was preparing for an operation in London. Two letters signed by Bhargava from 2004 were found along with these records.

Articles on JBS Haldane

This file contains multiple articles and writings on JBS Haldane. It includes a brochure printed by the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.

Newspaper articles on Haldenes

This file contains two original copies of the same article titled 'A Scion of Haldanes' from the Indian Express. It also includes an article announcing Helen Haldene's death.

Receipts and slips pertaining to Helen Haldane's estate - file 1

This file contains the first set of receipts and slips pertaining to Helen Haldane's estate. It includes accompanying letters. The documents were found numbered from one to forty-eight and have been kept in the same order as found. An envelope containing currency notes has been added to this file by the archivist.

Husain family

This series contains correspondence between PM Bhargava and members of the Husain family, including MF Husain and Mustafa Husain, publications such as an exhibition catalogue, articles, and exhibition materials pertaining to an exhibition featuring MF Husain’s paintings on key events in the twentieth century, with text by PM Bhargava. The letters discuss a proposed Husain-Bhargava Centre for Art and Science, Husain’s exile and death, and other subjects. The series includes several prints of MF Husain’s artwork and a facsimile of a letter from the artist to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The documents have either been arranged as they were found or arranged chronologically.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Correspondence between Husain family and Bhargava - file 1

This contains correspondence from PM Bhargava to MF Husain, with a note on Husain's movie 'Gajgamini'. There is another letter from Najma Husain to PM Bhargava about an exhibition in Singapore. This also contains stationery items belonging to Husain, handwritten notes by PM Bhargava, PM Bhargava's entry permit to Dubai, and a print of a newspaper article on Husain. Along with all these, there is an envelope with 9 pictures from Husain's movie, 'Gajgamini'.

Correspondence between Husain family and Bhargava - file 2

This contains correspondence between PM Bhargava and MF Husain's family. This also contains the proposal for the 'Husain-Bhargava Centre for Art and Science.' This also contains handwritten correspondence by PM Bhargava and MF Husain. The handwritten letter by PM Bhargava is undated.

The phenomenon of MK Gandhi

This contains 14 prints of paintings of MK Gandhi by Husain and descriptions of these by PM Bhargava. Husain started painting these during his exile in Dubai. These paintings are in the private collection of Guru Swarup Srivastava.

National Biological Laboratory

From the 1950s to the 1970s, scientists and administrators in India held extensive discussions on setting up a National Biological Laboratory. This laboratory did not eventually take shape. However, the conversations around it paved the way for the founding of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1977.

This series contains documents that reveal some of the early discussions on the laboratory, including a plan published by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1964 and a note drafted by PM Bhargava in 1972 on the need for such a laboratory.

Bhargava argued that modern biology was connected to other branches of science and needed an integrated approach that involved experts from various scientific backgrounds. He also emphasized the urgent need for India to participate in the biological revolution that was taking place globally, especially in biochemical and biological technology.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Plans for National Biological Laboratory

This file contains two plans for the National Biological Laboratory. The first is a booklet titled 'National Biological Laboratory: A Plan' along with a copy of the same. The third is a handwritten document titled 'Tentative plan for NBL.'

Religion and atheism

This series contains a variety of documents, including correspondence, newspaper articles, journal articles, and publications in the form of brochures and booklets. These records span the years 1976 to 2015 and cover topics like religious beliefs, atheism, and secularism. Handwritten notes include notecards with the titles of journal articles written on them. The journal articles cover a range of subjects, including an article by Martin Gardner on David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti. The publications consist largely of booklets published by the Atheist Centre and the Indian Secular Society. One subseries containing miscellaneous records pertains to Kalki Bhagavan, a self-styled Indian godman. One unsigned written statement is a four-paged critique of Satya Sai Baba.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Correspondence related to religion and atheism - file 1

This contains correspondence related to religion and atheism. This also contains interview replies from PM Bhargava. These letters are from personalities having initials A to G. There is an undated postcard (undated), 1 envelope, 1 pamphlet and 1 newspaper advertisement.

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