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Administrative Documents of Forum of Scientists for Peace and Development, Scientific and Technical Forum for Society, Science for Society (Andhra Pradesh)

Formal records pertaining to the Forum of Scientists for Peace and Development, the Scientific and Technical Forum for Society, Science for Society (Andhra Pradesh). This includes a constitution with objectives, membership guidelines, memoranda, subscription information, and the functions of executive committees and office bearers. The file also includes associated correspondence and handwritten notes.

Correspondence between PM Bhargava and Meera Ananda

This contains correspondence between PM Bhargava and Meera Ananda. The correspondence are placed along with the content for a book titled 'Toward a Secular India: Why Scientific Temper Matters' and also the draft of the first chapter titled 'Religiosity, Secularism and Scientific Temper: An Overview'.

Correspondence and newspaper clippings related to Seminar on 'Scientific Temper and Spiritual Values'

This contains a few letters related to the seminar on 'Scientific Temper and Spiritual Values' held at the Nehru Centre, Bombay, on January 22 and 23, 1983. This has an article by Rajeev Joshi, titled 'The (Ir) Relevance of Religion to Modern Man, along with a few newspaper clippings and a brochure on the seminar.

Haldane family

The papers in this series pertain to the estate of JBS Haldane and his wife, Helen Spurway Haldane. JBS Haldane died in 1964. Following Helen Haldane’s death in 1978, PM Bhargava and his wife, Manorama Bhargava, handled her estate and corresponded extensively with JBS Haldane's sister, Naomi Mitchison, and her grandson, Graeme J Mitchison. Included here are letters, notebooks, handwritten notes, share certificates, financial documents, JBS Haldane’s Last Will and Testament, Helen Haldane’s autopsy, and articles on the Haldanes by PM Bhargava and other researchers. Certain letters also pertain to the dispatch of JBS Haldane’s personal papers to his family in the United Kingdom. These are a combination of originals and facsimiles. This series includes one photographic print and a newspaper article announcing Helen Haldane's death. Note on subseries: The files within the Correspondence subseries have been organized based on the original order of subject-wise arrangement. Letters within each broad subject have been arranged alphabetically and then chronologically, except in special cases. Certain key documents, such as official records, were removed and kept in the Official Records subseries. The share certificates under the Official Records subseries are oversized and have not yet been boxed. The third subseries contains personal papers, possibly compiled by JBS Haldane himself. It includes a notebook, handwritten drafts of his last will and testament, and notes on his surgical history, along with correspondence. These drafts were written by JBS Haldane in November 1962, when he was preparing for an operation in London.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Estate duty, death, and share certificates

This file contains estate duty, death, and share certificates and enclosing letters signed by V Rajagopala Reddy. Includes photocopies of the two share certificates mentioned in Reddy's enclosing letter. Originals are in a separate file due to being oversized.

Articles on JBS Haldane

This file contains multiple articles and writings on JBS Haldane. It includes a brochure printed by the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.

Husain family

This series contains correspondence between PM Bhargava and members of the Husain family, including MF Husain and Mustafa Husain, publications such as an exhibition catalogue, articles, and exhibition materials pertaining to an exhibition featuring MF Husain’s paintings on key events in the twentieth century, with text by PM Bhargava. The letters discuss a proposed Husain-Bhargava Centre for Art and Science, Husain’s exile and death, and other subjects. The series includes several prints of MF Husain’s artwork and a facsimile of a letter from the artist to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The documents have either been arranged as they were found or arranged chronologically.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Correspondence between Husain family and Bhargava - file 1

This contains correspondence from PM Bhargava to MF Husain, with a note on Husain's movie 'Gajgamini'. There is another letter from Najma Husain to PM Bhargava about an exhibition in Singapore. This also contains stationery items belonging to Husain, handwritten notes by PM Bhargava, PM Bhargava's entry permit to Dubai, and a print of a newspaper article on Husain. Along with all these, there is an envelope with 9 pictures from Husain's movie, 'Gajgamini'.

Plans for National Biological Laboratory

This file contains two plans for the National Biological Laboratory. The first is a booklet titled 'National Biological Laboratory: A Plan' along with a copy of the same. The third is a handwritten document titled 'Tentative plan for NBL.'

Correspondence on Twelfth Indian Social Science Congress - file 2

This contains correspondence on the Twelfth Indian Social Science Congress between PM Bhargava and NP Chaubey. This also contains a draft note on 'Indian Society at the turn of the century: objectives and strategies'. Along with this, there is one membership form, one list of invitees, and one tentative programme list.

Abstract of speeches

This contains an unsigned letter from PM Bhargava, which he has addressed to Ashok Jain. This also contains the abstracts of speeches for the Twelfth Indian Social Science Congress, and a list of speeches.

Method of Science Exhibition

This large and significant series contains 272 files pertaining to the Method of Science Exhibition. In 1975, PM Bhargava was invited by the director of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Rais Ahmed, to set up an exhibition on the method of science. What followed was a decades-long endeavour to create and disseminate this exhibition and to give it a permanent home.

Although initially set up in Bal Bhavan, New Delhi, the exhibition was locked by Bhargava in 1977 following the general elections and a subsequent regime change both at the central government level and within the NCERT. In 1978, Bhargava discovered that the exhibition had been dismantled without his knowledge. After an investigation and a court dispute regarding this, the exhibition was eventually bought by the Andhra Pradesh government and installed at the Andhra Pradesh State Public Library. It was finally inaugurated on 12 November 1984, just a few days after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. In 1992 the exhibition was shifted to the Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad. In 2000, B Premanand, publisher and editor of ‘The Indian Skeptic’ wanted to bring the exhibition to Kerala but discovered that the material had been neglected and was unusable. Along the way, the exhibition had been documented by the Films Division and released in the late 1980s, and text from the exhibition serialized in the publication ‘Science Today’.

The records in this series are divided into 8 subseries based on the following record types: correspondence, accounts, official documents, exhibition materials, administration, articles writings and printed materials, compilations, and newspapers. Within each subseries, records are arranged thematically or chronologically, paying attention to the significant phases that this exhibition went through:

The initial conception and preparation period


Investigation and court case

Shifting of exhibition to Andhra Pradesh and subsequent inauguration

Shifting of exhibition to Birla Science Centre

Media and outreach initiatives

Involvement of B Premanand and proposed set up in Kerala

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Letters pertaining to Method of Science Exhibition from 1979 - arranged Abbas to Austrian Embassy

This contains letters pertaining to the Method of Science Exhibition from the year 1979. These letters are arranged from Abbas to Austrian Embassy. This file contains letters either addressed to or written by Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Rais Ahmed, Austrian Embassy and many more. All the enclosures are retained as found.

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