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This sub-fonds contains documents including Pushpa Mittra Bhargava's notable writings, research papers, correspondence with eminent personalities, handwritten notes, and newspaper articles.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Drafts of Radio Talks on Scientific Temper

These are radio speeches to promote Scientific Temper on behalf of the Society for the Promotion of Scientific Temper. This contains handwritten notes and undated documents which are arranged alphabetically. This also has a speech by an unknown author.

Letters on estate duty and Haldane family assets

This contains letters pertaining to discussions related to estate duty and Haldane family assets. These letters are mostly from 1979 to 1980. However, with the exception of an email from Kriti Kapila that belongs to the year 2012. This also contains handwritten notes, estate duty challans, and entry permits.

Religion and atheism

This series contains a variety of documents, including correspondence, newspaper articles, journal articles, and publications in the form of brochures and booklets. These records span the years 1976 to 2015 and cover topics like religious beliefs, atheism, and secularism. Handwritten notes include notecards with the titles of journal articles written on them. The journal articles cover a range of subjects, including an article by Martin Gardner on David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti. The publications consist largely of booklets published by the Atheist Centre and the Indian Secular Society. One subseries containing miscellaneous records pertains to Kalki Bhagavan, a self-styled Indian godman. One unsigned written statement is a four-paged critique of Satya Sai Baba.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Indian Social Science Congress

In July 1987, the Twelfth Indian Social Science Congress was organized at the University of Mysore. As part of this event, PM Bhargava chaired a symposium under the subject head ‘Science and Technology Policy Studies’ and titled ‘The Outlook for Science and Technology in India at the Turn of the Century’. This series contains programmes and booklets with the schedule of speeches, drafts of speeches delivered at the symposium, articles by researchers who participated in the event, and correspondence leading up to the Congress, including letters of invitation and appreciation for participation. Certain documents also pertain to the Thirteenth Indian Social Science Congress. The records in this series cover the period between the years 1986 and 1987. It includes an article by PM Bhargava on biology titled 'The dawn of the age of biology: Where are we bound for?'.

Bhargava, Pushpa Mittra, 1928-2017

Letters pertaining to Method of Science Exhibition from 1979 - arranged Rao to Singer

This contains letters pertaining to the Method of Science Exhibition from the year 1979. These letters are arranged from Rao to Singer. This file contains letters either addressed to or written by Ramachandra Rao, Channa Reddy former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Anand Sarabhai, Maxine F. Singer and many more. All the enclosures are retained as found.

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