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Estate duty, death, and share certificates

This file contains estate duty, death, and share certificates and enclosing letters signed by V Rajagopala Reddy. Includes photocopies of the two share certificates mentioned in Reddy's enclosing letter. Originals are in a separate file due to being oversized.

Articles on JBS Haldane

This file contains multiple articles and writings on JBS Haldane. It includes a brochure printed by the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.

JBS Haldane Personal Papers

This file contains personal papers possibly compiled by JBS Haldane. It includes a notebook, handwritten drafts of his last will and testament, and notes on his surgical history, along with correspondences. These drafts were written by JBS Haldane in November 1962, when he was preparing for an operation in London. Two letters signed by Bhargava from 2004 were found along with these records.

Newspaper articles on Haldenes

This file contains two original copies of the same article titled 'A Scion of Haldanes' from the Indian Express. It also includes an article announcing Helen Haldene's death.

Receipts and slips pertaining to Helen Haldane's estate - file 1

This file contains the first set of receipts and slips pertaining to Helen Haldane's estate. It includes accompanying letters. The documents were found numbered from one to forty-eight and have been kept in the same order as found. An envelope containing currency notes has been added to this file by the archivist.

Correspondence between Husain family and Bhargava - file 1

This contains correspondence from PM Bhargava to MF Husain, with a note on Husain's movie 'Gajgamini'. There is another letter from Najma Husain to PM Bhargava about an exhibition in Singapore. This also contains stationery items belonging to Husain, handwritten notes by PM Bhargava, PM Bhargava's entry permit to Dubai, and a print of a newspaper article on Husain. Along with all these, there is an envelope with 9 pictures from Husain's movie, 'Gajgamini'.

Correspondence between Husain family and Bhargava - file 2

This contains correspondence between PM Bhargava and MF Husain's family. This also contains the proposal for the 'Husain-Bhargava Centre for Art and Science.' This also contains handwritten correspondence by PM Bhargava and MF Husain. The handwritten letter by PM Bhargava is undated.

The phenomenon of MK Gandhi

This contains 14 prints of paintings of MK Gandhi by Husain and descriptions of these by PM Bhargava. Husain started painting these during his exile in Dubai. These paintings are in the private collection of Guru Swarup Srivastava.

Correspondence related to religion and atheism - file 1

This contains correspondence related to religion and atheism. This also contains interview replies from PM Bhargava. These letters are from personalities having initials A to G. There is an undated postcard (undated), 1 envelope, 1 pamphlet and 1 newspaper advertisement.

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